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SOLO and PARTY mining is available. Just set m=solo, or m=party.YourPartyPassword to your password field. Fee is just 0.9%


YiiMP now allow users to share their ccminer (1.7.6+) device hashrate, more supported miners will come later.

-o stratum+tcp://stratum.gos.cx:<PORT> -a <algo> -u <wallet_adress> -p stats

With this option enabled, the stratum will ask for device stats each 50 shares (for 4 times max).

You can combine this miner option with other ones, like the pool difficulty with a comma.

You can also use the generic username 'benchmark' if you don't have a valid address,
but in this case you will mine without reward (like a donator).

Please note only the first device stats will be submitted on multi gpus systems.
If you want to monitor a different card with ccminer, use the --device parameter, like -d 1

You can download compatible versions of ccminer here :